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Tips On How To Get Your Beats Sold

I will be giving a couple tips on how to expose your beats and have more chances at selling them. These are very simple things that you can do to help raise your brand awareness so that other people will know who you are and can buy from you.

The Online Mix Engineer

The internet has created a whole new playing field for the music industry and artists alike. Creating a different playing field and a new business model. It used to be the record labels would be the ones heading up the operations for customer awareness. This same issue also affects mixing engineers.

5 Reasons to Choose Gibson Guitars

Gibson is one of the top brands in guitar industry today. Probably second to Fender, Gibson allows players the flexibility to sharpen their craft. With these few reasons to get a Gibson, every guitar player from different skill levels could take advantage of this brand’s reputation.

Making Beats – How Do I Start?

So you have beat making software. It’s got all the elements you need to compose that killer track… now what? What follows are a few tips from someone who has been there.

Affordable Beat Making Software – Does It Exist?

With the current explosion in cheaper software packages to make professional quality beats, does a truly decent solution exist or are they all hype? What should you look for before you buy?

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