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10 Reasons Why Mixing Live Sound Is the Worst Job in the World

Even though mixing live sound might be an awesome job, it’s just a small part of what you do as a live sound engineer. Sometimes running live sound is awful. Especially if you just started and are stuck with all the low level tasks.

How to Use the Graphic Equalizer For a Louder Monitor Mix

In a live sound situation, the graphic equalizer is one of your favorite friends. It helps you crank as much volume as you can out of your monitors.

Easy Tips for an Awesome Snare Drum Sound

A seasoned engineer once told me this. Because, it’s what supplies the song with a steady back-beat. And even though you might compile an endless amount of stuff into your production, you must hear the snare.

Think! Do You Want Quick Microphone Techniques for a Great Stereo Recording?

Many instruments are in need of more than one microphone during recording. Sometimes it’s just not possible for one microphone to capture the fullness, body, attack and brilliance of an instrument.

Try the Double Whammy Trick of EQ’ing and Compressing

EQ before compression or compression before EQ? That’s the big question isn’t it?

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