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How to Become a Better DJ

Becoming a club DJ (disc jockey) is a good profession for those who enjoy music and entertaining people and want to earn a good amount of money too. If your aim of life is to become a club DJ you should know it can be an enjoyable profession but tough work too.

Tips For The Amateur Singer To Become The Professional Singer

Are you an amateur singer? Do not be afraid to take a step to become a professional singer. If you are confident enough with your skills, you should try to show your skills to the recording company.

How To Get A Job Onboard A Cruise Ship As A Musician Or Entertainer

If you are a full-time musician or singer and have performed the pub and club circuit for many years you might consider a career diversion into cruise ship entertainment. This type of work is perfect for those of you who are still single and before you settle down with a family. It is an amazing way to see the world and actually get paid for it in the meantime.

First Step To Become a Music Producer

Almost every music producer nowadays does not use analog audio equipments anymore. We are changing from heavy, and expensive analog audio equipments into light weight (less than 4 kilograms!) audio workstation with much more cheaper price. This new audio workstation system is called Digital Audio Workstation (DAWs).

How To Make Pro Beats Hotter And Faster With Your Beats Maker

Remember the last time you were out and that sick beat the DJ played just seemed to stick in your head? Have you ever had your own beats float around like that, making you wish you could express them? Did you ever wish you had the ability to make that music a reality? Have you ever wanted to produce real beats just like the big shot producers? Maybe something that just booms at broadcast quality that you, yourself have created? It’s now possible, it won’t cost you a fortune (under 50 bucks), and you can get started today. Ain’t technology great?

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