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Selling Your Music Through Merchandise In The Business State Of Mind

Musicians and indie bands often miss the connection between starting a band and starting a business. If you’re planning on making money off your music, then you’re in no doubt starting a business. Just like a business your band needs a product, and a way to market and distribute that product so it can be converted to money in your pocket.

How to Become a Solo Musician

It might seem like bands get all the attention in the modern music industry. However, solo artists create compelling songs as well. If you are curious how to become a solo musician, this article delivers tips for going it alone in the music industry.

History of Gibson Guitars

With their high quality and stellar reputation, Gibson guitars are a cut above the rest. When it comes to the demanding specification of acoustic musicians, Gibson Acoustic Guitars are definitely the guitar of choice for those who can afford them.

3 Tips To Sell More Albums – Get A 70% Bump Automatically!

What is an Autoresponder and why should you give a crap about it? Well my friend…an Autoresponder is going to become your new best buddy as a modern day DIY musician…

How to Avoid Music Marketing Information Overload!

I want to give you a little mantra you can use in your music marketing that goes like this… “I will spend 80% of my time producing amazing music, 15% music marketing and then 5% learning music marketing material.” This is kind of like cutting off my nose to spite my face because I produce a lot of music marketing content myself, but if you spend your whole time eating up all the information it’s very hard to ever get around to actually producing any music of worth….and marketing crap music has a name…SPAM!

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