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Methods of Audio Soundproofing

Soundproofing can dramatically improve such situations such as band practice, comfortable sleeping, home studio’s, hi-fi home theaters and more. Soundproofing walls is probably the easiest and most requested soundproofing job that exists today in the soundproofing market.

Why Audio Mastering Is Important

Audio mastering is not common knowledge, even amongst self producing musicians. However it is an essential part of making your music sound the same as commercial recordings, and professional mastering is a must for anyone who wants to be taken seriously as a musician.

So Which Beat Makers Software Should You Be Looking At?

There are many different beat makers software available on today’s market; So why choose Dub Turbo? Not only does it contain all the functionality of all the other high-end beat makers software, but it has been designed for the absolute beginner, so you can pick it up quickly and hit the ground running so to speak.

Emmy Belle – Seattle Supergirl

The road to the top for some is a very difficult and lonely journey. Emmy Belle is a Seattle native who has been working on her dream for several years. Previously she was the lead singer of a highly successful Seattle country group where she molded her sound and voice with more of a pop/rock influence.

Black Leather Jackets – A Punk Rock Beginning Part 2: The Ramones

We take a look and compare the beginnings of both the Sex Pistols and The Ramones. In this segment, we concentrate on the American band The Ramones and take a look at how they came together.

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