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Audio Visual Rentals – Visual Enhancements You Could Effectively Use At A Dance Party

When, as an organizer, or a DJ, considering audio visual rentals, there are several visual additions to your audio equipment for the dance party that you can use to enhance the experience of the participants and to make the party an even greater success. It is important to consider these audio visual equipment rental enhancements, especially in the context of renting audio and video equipment. The AV equipment rental is not cheap, and you need to find value and justify the cost in each piece of added AV rental equipment. Sure enough, the audio component to the AV system is of primary importance. However, when you add simple, unexpected, powerful, and emotion enhancing visual effects, your dance party will rise to the next level…

Holly Amgren: The “Daring to Feel Everything” Interview

With her latest CD, “Daring to Feel Everything,” Holly Almgren shares and masterfully evokes reflections, life experiences, and emotions in a rhythmic and fun way. The unforgettable collection of tracks she has assembled is unprecedented. Critics say the songs are rhythmic, the lyrics matter, and the melodies linger, so the early rave reviews from listeners are no surprise.

Dancehall in Saint Kitts: The Past, Present and Future

Dancehall, in the world today, is generally thought of as the music out of Jamaica, the cross between Hip-hop and Reggae. Although, much of the mainstream Dancehall music is still being distributed and aired out of JA, many of the Caribbean islands are producing and distributing their own; which is simply widening the diversification of the music. However, this item isn’t on Dancehall music in the Caribbean at large but rather a small piece to inform about the music on the island of St. Kitts.

Music Licensing In The New World Of Music

Trying to make a career in a band is harder than ever, so getting a piece of music in a popular show or movie can literally make you overnight. In reality the music industry needs these bands, no matter how it looks from the outside. If it becomes too hard to make even a modest living we are going to be left with artists from American Idol and similar shows that are 100% controlled by someone like Simon Fuller, and we will just get more fake, plastic and generic sounding rubbish with every ounce of originality wrung out of it.

What Artist and Repertoire People Do

If you are at all interested in working in music, A&R was probably one of the first music industry terms you heard. It tends to seem like one of the most glamorous jobs in the industry and many people probably picture jet-setters flying around the country to hang out with celebrities. For bands, an A&R rep is probably the person they need to attract and impress to get that elusive record deal. So what exactly do these mysterious A&R people do and is it something for you?

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