70s 80s, 90s Slow Rock Ballads – Greatest Scorpions, U2, , Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Nirvana

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Creating Fresh Beats For Rappers With State of the Art Studio Effects

Click Now! Inspiring beats for rappers techniques for pro studio results. So how can you maintain a good level of unique production as a producer or composer while still keeping a good deal of variety in your sound? The secret lies in the way that you develop your unique style and how you preserve it as you create new songs.

Being a Songwriter

How do you start your journey as a songwriter? What are the different aspects of songwriting? How to protect & promote your track and much more. Find out here!

Fast Track to Buy Beats Productions to Make Your Own Success

Practice the techniques that the most capable artists are using to create great music. Work on your craft everyday and don’t allow your failures or your successes to get you off track. This is the key to achieving and sustaining success as an artist no matter where you choose to buy beats online.

The Ages of Hip Hop: Hip Hop Is Not Dead, Just In Its Dark Ages

A look at the sate of the hip hop world in 2013, people claim it is dead but here you find a brief history of hip hop, independent hip hop love and more. Something must be done and we take a look a why and how.

Famous Female Artists of the Last Century

This is an ongoing attempt to catalog all female rappers (MCs) in the history of Hip-Hop and Rap music and entertainment. This history mainly includes the most significant women but this action is not meant to discredit any seemingly less than significant female rappers.

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