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Benefits of Using a Pop Filter in the Studio

Utilized properly a pop filter will vastly shed or or even perfectly eradicate the ‘pop’ disturbances (plosives) emitted caused by a human voice that regularly plague amateur audio tracks. Quite simply put almost nothing will spoil the notion of a good quality recording sooner than that well known audible ‘pop’ disturbance.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Music Course for a Career in the Music Industry

The importance of choosing the right music course cannot be overestimated. It is an obvious point that would scarcely need stating if it wasn’t for the number of students I’ve met who have told me they regretted what they studied because either it did not lead to the career opportunities they hoped it would or they did not enjoy the course as much as they thought they would. The end result is regret, unfulfilled hopes and an expensive debt to pay over time.

The Band: It’s A Team Thing For Every Musician and Singer

A successful band is a team and entails teamwork: it’s not one guy or gal doing all the grunt work while the rest just play their chops and neither is it an autocracy. So, the first thing you want to be sure of is that all of you are on the same page when it comes to the general objective. In other words, be clear as to whether it is a hobby band or a serious career band. If it’s the latter, money should not be any member’s primary reason for getting involved. It ought to be the music-creating, playing and recording. If these matters aren’t out on the table and addressed right from the beginning, there’s high risk of a quick demise.

Bands, Singers and Musicians: Improving Your Odds Of Getting Live Gigs

It’s an interesting and, for artists, rather unfortunate reality that clubs, restaurants, bars and such in many towns are, for the most part, paying no more today for live acts than they were when I was gigging around 25 to 30 years ago. Many venue operators think they can’t afford to pay more than they are or simply don’t have to. With so many acts these days wanting places to play and fewer establishments than ever offering live music, it’s a buyer’s market. So, here’s a few tips that could help you increase your chances of landing the kind of gigs you want.

How To Get Music Business Contracts

Breaking into the music industry is by far one of the most challenging tasks for new artists. Without being educated about what it takes to become a professional musician, getting your first music business contracts signed with any major record label can be out of reach even if your musical talent surpasses the norm. Many aspiring musicians that are talented cannot get access to a record label that is willing to invest the time, or money it takes for them to become recognized artists because the music business industry standards have completely changed.

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