70s 80s 90s Best Slow Rock Ballads Collection | Scorpions, Nirvana , Bon Jovi, U2, Aerosmith

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Opportunities in the Music World

Do you have music in your heart but a voice only a mother could love? If so, there still opportunities in the music world for you. Why not give songwriting a try?

Equipment Check, Stop Abusing Your Audience!

So many bands abuse their audience by not taking care of their equipment and then having to deal with it on stage. I know that these bands have seen huge names in concert but still they don’t learn from what they see. Every time a band member turns away to deal with equipment because of lack of prep is abusing their audience.

Elements Every Singer Needs on His/Her Website

It’s easy these days to make a free website, and every singer should do so. Learn what 3 elements a singer’s website requires to find the success they desire. If you are going to make it in the entertainment industry these days than you are going to need a strong online presence.

The Definitive Beat Battle Guide For Music Producers Part I

A beat battle is a competition, similar in nature to a competitive sport, where music producers are pitted and matched against one another to determine who has the best beats. Although some established music producers have battled or played tracks in more of an exhibition style, beat battles are typically for up & coming and emerging music producers and beat makers looking to gain the respect of their peers and exposure in their community.

Guitar Listening and Playing at Its Finest

Guitar is a plucked string instrument we all want to hear. You listen to the guitar. Music created with the guitar is very heart warming, which flows throughout the body.

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