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Music Teaching Resources – Setting a Good Studio Policy

Good music teaching resources and studio policies are indeed necessary as they intend to create a conducive and healthy learning environment. Music teachers must set good and strict business principles and classroom practices so as to eliminate confusion, inconsistency and misunderstanding among studio clients, students, parents as well as the entire teaching personnel. Certainly, as you decide to put up your own music studio, your studio policies and resources must also be ready for posting and dissemination.

Songwriter? Forming a Music Publishing Company Can Double Your Earnings and Save Thousands in Taxes

More than ever before, songwriters are ‘wising up’, forming their own publishing companies and making more money from their songs, music, jingles and themes. And saving thousands in taxes, too.

How Publishing Your Own Music Can Double Your Income From Just One Song

There are thousands of Songwriters who might be classed as ‘One Hit Wonders’. But what most people don’t realize is that just ‘One Hit’ can harvest enough cash to allow a Songwriter to never write another word. Especially if the Songwriter ‘takes care of business’ to maximize his or her earnings.

Some Tips on Music and Band Promotion

Tips for promoting your band online, and off. Bands are a small business, you need to treat it like one.

Music Marketing Promotions 101 – What You Need to Know

Music Marketing Promotions is the next step that needs to be taken once your material is ready for sale. These are some sure fire methods that can be used to mass market your music via the internet.

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