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Promote Indie Music – Best Sites For Music Distribution

The definition of an independent artist (or Indie) is someone who has not signed a distribution deal with a company. This is becoming far more common as sites appear on the internet making it easy to distribute your own music by simply uploading it their site. There are no exclusive contracts on these sites and you can use several different ones to give you a broad range of audiences. Distribution is not all that independent music sites offer either. Find out some other ways to promote Indie music.

Choosing a Music Sequencer to Produce Dance Music Tracks

So you are mixing music tracks and want to use a sequencer program to help record your tracks, import audio from other files, and arrange your music in a specific order, as well as playing effects and instruments? If this is correct then a music sequencer software program is ideal for you. When looking to get a sequencer, there are the usual considerations that you need to make, namely your price range, the features you need and the operating system your using, (windows or linux etc).

The Lyric Stand in a Music Studio

There is something that all human beings on this planet Earth cannot do and have not done since the history of man. It is for one person to be able to use more than two hands (Feet are not a substitute for hands, we are not monkeys) at the same time. Although this is an obvious fact, many rappers try and fail at their attempts to do this exact impossible feat.

The Cables and Adapters in a Music Studio

The Cables And Adapters – Not everything plugs in right, just like not every Cinderella shoe fits a bubble butt brazilian female, or every rapper can sing (scratchy voice rappers, please stop singing, leave it to the females) For example if you went along with some cheapo headphones you’re gonna have to pay to plug it in your new audio interface or soundcard. To convert it’s small 1/8 inch plug to fit in the 1/4 inch input of the soundcard or interface you need a 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch adapter.

Instructions For Producing Music

How easy is it to become a music producer? Very, and I will tell you how.

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