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ASCAP’s Aggression Risks Stifling The Music Industry

ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Artists and Performers, stands proud that it “protects the rights of its members by licensing and distributing royalties for the non-dramatic public performances of their copyrighted works” as stated on their web site. However, over the last year or so, many news stories have been released about ASCAP’s aggression against everyone from cell phone companies to iTunes to small web sites. These increased aggressions place the musicians in a dangerous position where, rather than embracing technologies changes to further their sales, the artists may be losing their market share by silencing the technology that would promote them.

What Revived the Music and Karaoke Industry?

The first season of American Idol is one that many people remember. Do you remember the first time that you watched an episode of American Idol? Each week that the season progressed saw more and more viewers tuning in to watch. The quality of the performances also seemed to get better and better as the weeks went on.

Music Marketing Promotion

There are many ways to use the internet for music marketing and the promotion of your music. Today I want to go over a couple of ways other then MySpace and Facebook to do this.

Music Producers – Benefits and Advantages of Using a Successful Record Producer

Recently I attended the Dewey Beach Music Conference – One of the many music conferences and festivals I attend and sometimes preside on panels habitually each year. My good friend and associate Grammy nominated engineer and producer David Ivory moderated the record producer panel.

Paparazzi Free Music Recording Studio

”I like to sneak in under the radar. I don’t have any paparazzi following me or have to deal with that stuff. I’m never in the tabloids. I prefer that.” Rob Schneider

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