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Bass Guitar Pickups

A look at the importance of good Pickups for a Bass Guitar. How a good set of Bass Guitar Pickups can be the difference in achieving your dream guitar sound.

No Bad DJ Please

Planing a party includes a lot of effort and cash, whether it be a wedding reception, birthday party for a 16th and choosing the right DJ is important as they can make or break the night. Hiring the right DJ is very important, so be sure to interview a few before making the booking. Always listen in hard and make sure their personality and character is best suited for your requirements.

Local Poetry and Rap Slam – Quite Intriguing Until You Really Think About It

Not long ago, I went to a local poetry and RAP slam. This is where one person or group starts out with a RAP message or some RAP poetry talking a great deal of smack, then someone else from the opposing side talks themselves up while dissing the other side. This goes on and on, back and forth and the crowd loves the excitement and roots their team on. Often words are spoken and the bravado gets intense as each side works to deflate the ego of the other, make them look bad, and put them in their place.

Pandora – Persecuted or Persecutor?

Does Pandora have a proper business model? Who should foot the bill – the artists or the consumer?

How to Spot the Perfect Record Producer for YOU

On the surface, my very first record producer back in the mid nineties seemed like the perfect match for me, and I actually traveled, especially, to another city AND country to work with him. We’d previously agreed on a couple of hundred dollars to record four tracks but by the time we’d begun laying down the first track, immediately after the first session, he hiked his fee to $5,000. What brought on the price hike? Well, I arrived by plane and booked myself into a five star hotel. Yes, he’d suddenly realized I wasn’t poor. This article takes you through a maze of red flags to look out for when you’re looking for the right record producer for YOU.

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