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Making It in Nashville

Whom ever says there are no Opportunities in Nashville has their head up there “You know where”. Nashville is still full of great opportunities and Awesome people who are willing to help you get where you want to get. But there some simple rules.

Branding for Musicians Made Simple: 10 Easy Steps To Success!

You should know by now that as an entertainer, you sometimes feel like a commodity to be sold in the market for the highest price. You have to be packaged in such a way that will be attractive to the public in order to entice them to fan you.

If You Are An Independent Musician You Need Music Composing Software

Now artists all over the world are using music composing software to supplement their lyrics and instrumentation. Modern software is so advanced that it allows you to create professional tracks of almost any genre. When that is coupled with your lyrics and personal instrumentation a potential hit track is created.

Here Is How to Produce Hip Hop Beats With Radio Quality

I would start off beginning with a cool instrument rhythm or melody. This will be the main melody of the song. Coming up with the main melody of the song first, before you add a drum pattern, is a plus because professional producers understand that this is the melody that will sell the song to the listener first and then you can build the track around this melody.

Do You Need an Audio Mastering Studio?

When you are recording a song, you may think that it is in its most perfect form right after you recorded it but if you then compare it to the songs on the radio, you will understand how amateurish it sounds. This is primarily because the song needs to be mixed and mastered, something that is typically done by an expert in a professional mastering studio. The process of mixing and mastering is as artistic and creative as that of the original artist and is something that often takes more time than the original recording…

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