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Home Recording: The Stand Alone Recorders

The first affordable stand-alone digital recorder to hit the market was the Alesis ADAT (which stand for Alesis Digital Audio Tape) in 1992. This machine revolutionized home recording, making it possible for the home recorder to make some pretty high-quality recordings without having to spend a fortune. Many commercial studios used ADATs as well.

Making Your Own Rap Or Hip Hop Beats The Right Way – A Guide For Beginners

Making your own beats can be both fun and frustrating. Here are some really good tips on how you can get started and over come any troubles you may face when making your own rap or hip hop beats.

Home Recording: Choosing The Right Software

When setting up a recording system, I always recommend that you start by exploring the software that you want to use. Whatever program you decide on will work better on one type of computer compared to another. By choosing the software first, you can use the software manufacture’s guidelines to help you set up your computer.

How to Sell Your Songs to Artists

So you’ve written a few songs recently and don’t want them to languish in a drawer forever. You have a feeling at least a couple are hits or at least album cuts and can easily hear your favorite artist performing them. You’re wondering: how you can get your tunes to the right people?

Anatomy of an Electric Guitar

The electric guitar is not complex, but the pieces of the electric guitar must fit together and match each other perfectly or the guitar will never reach its potential to move mountains. Here are some of the most important ingredients. Fingerboard The fingerboard covers the face of the neck and provides a playing surface for the guitarist.

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