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Good Beginner DJ Setup – Should You Go With Digital DJ Equipment In Your Initial Setup?

What is the best beginner DJ setup? When you are just starting out as a DJ newbie, it could be a big decision to decide what exact equipment to go with. Especially these days, the selection is enormous, compounded by the fact that both the traditional analog or more recent digital DJ equipment is available…

DJ Programs For PC

Our advances in technology has now given us the power to DJ and create beats and tracks using things like an online beat mixer, DAW software (digital audio workstation) as well as plenty of DJ programs for PC. But what are the most popular beat making programs and how are they different?

Online Beat Mixers – What To Look For

Here is a couple of things you should know about beat maker software, what to look for and the key difference that actually defines a broadcast quality online beat mixer! There are many beat making software programs out there with many bells and whistles but do you really know what features you are going to need to get the job done?

Online Mastering – Clearing Up Some Common Misconceptions

Within the music industry (especially amongst new producers and newly formed online record labels) there can be some confusion as to whether online mastering is sonically inferior to an attended mastering session. This article alleviates some concerns and demonstrates that online mastering can be equally as good as an attended session provided care is used to choose the service. It also has the additional advantage of cost savings.

Does an Artist Need a Booking Agent?

A booking agent, usually referred to as ‘talent agent’, is the person in charge of booking your shows, appearances and handling your promotion and marketing. Whether you are a band or a solo act, a booking agent can help you by taking care of some administrative and paperwork tasks for you, leaving you more time to focus on yourself and your product. Just like any service you receive, the services of an agent certainly aren’t free; usually the agent will take a cut out of the revenues you generate, whether from a live show, guest appearance or other. Experienced agents might certainly have connections in the industry that can help you, have people who owe them favours that can turn out to be a favour for you, indirectly. Agents certainly can be useful, from a time management standpoint. Without having to deal with management, promotion, marketing, booking and scheduling, you are left with all the time in the world to polish your songs, work on your music and develop yourself as an artist.

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