? 80s, 90s Slow Rock Ballads – Scorpions, Nirvana , GNR, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith

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Do You Have Your Own Band Website? Do Fans Know Where Your Next Gig Is At? You Better Hope So

So check it… where are you playing next? More importantly how are you letting your fans know when and where you’re playing next? If you’re not doing this from your own band website you’re probably going about this all wrong… and it could be costing you a lot of money!

Hip Hop Music Beats – What About Them?

Hip hop music beats have a wide range usually found with genres like dirty south, east coast, west coast, mid west, rap, club bangaz, gangsta, hard core, underground, R&B etc. Hip hop music beats have been created since time immemorial by producers who have worked hard in this field for years with honesty and dedication.

Piano Great Is Given Modern Twist in London

People learning how to play piano will probably already know that Frederic Chopin celebrates his 201st birthday this month. To commemorate the occasion, an arts centre in London is showing some of his best works with a modern twist. In order to better the birthday party thrown for Chopin in his hometown of Warsaw last year, in which hundreds of musicians united for a 171-hour concert that broke records around the world, the Polish Cultural Institute wants classical music fans from around Britain to come together to celebrate their love for the composer.

Merchandising Singers By Using Flash Online Gaming

The extraordinary world of these days demands lots of originality for little and more experienced artists, that want to succeed. Probably the most bewildering methods to decentralize material and become famed is utilizing free online games for their rewards. Read this informative article to read more.

Choosing Hip Hop Sound Kits

Hip hop sound kits include mainly and essentially drum kits which you use to complement your music in a better way altogether. It is a basic necessity for musicians who compose music in genres like rock, country, jazz, rap etc. You will naturally choose the drum kit out of the many available depending upon the genre of music that you want to create music in- here, hip hop music.

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