? 80s, 90s Best Slow Rock Ballads – Scorpions, Nirvana , U2, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith Greatest Hits

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Where Have All The Real Fans Gone?

Have you ever heard the term “Gone Til November”? Yeah me too. Seems like all the fans of good rap music better known as Real Hip hop have left the Arena and word is their headed to the back of the arena to get their chance to perform on stage.

It’s a Good Time to be a Mobile DJ

The small-time private and social entertainment industry has been ahead of the rock gods for a number of years. The local British Legion or Working Men’s Institute has long replaced the archetypal four-piece band with a solitary guy or girl accompanied by a little box of sounds. Let’s face it, when funds are tight and you only have to pay one person rather than a whole band it’s a bit of a no-brainer.

What Would Mom Think? How Your Lyrics Could Hurt You!

So, Ty posted an interesting question on his Facebook account the other day that got a lot of very good responses. He asked: Could your music career go farther if you cleaned up your lyrics?

Video Making and Marketing

I have found that putting a video on your website will increase its effectiveness and selling power. Yet you may not be using it simply because you don’t know how to get from the “video idea” in your head to having the video running on your website. Here are three simple steps I have discovered that you can use right now and put the selling power of video to work for you.

The 8 Essential Features Your Beat Maker Program Must Have

Your beat maker program is a crucial part of making phenomenal beats. The wrong beat maker could waste your money and time. Here are the 8 essential features your beat maker must have.

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