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Music Production With Music Producer Pro

Music Production and the Music industry is going into a funny state, and not a good one at that. Sales are dropping, free mp3 downloading is increasing.. and as a music producer. You sit and look and think, is this the industry i want to go into to make a living from? Well we still have many years to come of MTV and all of that and there is crazy amounts of money to be made..however you need one thing and i’m going to tell you what that is.. KNOWLEDGE! Knowledge in the Music Business Industry!

The Music Industries New Business Model – Presents Packaging Integration

As the major labels still struggle to keep their catalogs in play they have basically dumped the signing and DEVELOPMENT of new acts therefore leaving the field wide open to the latest movement of new acts to tear into what was once a coveted audience. The new music industry business model is no longer in the hands of the majors!

The Music Industry is Changing

The music industry is changing in ways that may not be obvious to the casual observer. This article explores some changes that may be needed for revitalization.

Today’s Music Industry – How Technology & the Internet Has Changed It

More and more people are starting to make & record their own music at home. They are also distributing their music all over the internet, hoping to gain exposure & notice from major record labels. The opportunities for aspiring rappers, producers, singer-songwriters, & any other musicians have never been as great as it is today. Find out how digital technology has allowed you the opportunity to create & record your own music at home!!

Music Producer Pro – The Online Beat-Making Workshop

A large growing number of people are learning to produce and record their own music at home. Soulja Boy was just one person who created his own music at home and became a rap superstar in doing so. Now, knowing that reaching musical stardom is possible, many people are hoping to learn how to produce and record their songs themselves. There’s a good number of books and video tutorials out there that can teach you everything that you need to know about music production and the art of making rap beats. MusicProducerPro.com is an online music production workshop, highly reputatable for its quality instruction.

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