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Working With Professional Beat Loops is a Key to Major Record Label Success

When you download beat loops and products that are to be used either in part or in full in your music, you are in a sense making a business and artistic decision about how your material will represent you to the record industry. The beats you choose to associate yourself with, along with the companies that sell those products, will speak volumes about you to other people listening to your songs. It is not unheard of that on one hand, often on the strength of the music alone, songs and the artists responsible have been picked up…

Understanding Beat Download Strategies For Major Record Label Beats Production Success

Deciding on which beat download site and which producer to buy products from comes down to one thing. Which do you feel is offering hit potential radio friendly material? When listening to the audition samples on the site and vocalising along with them to get the feel and flow of the track, do you get an overwhelming sense that this is a possible club anthem that could take over the industry and launch your career as an artist?

How to Promote Your Music Online – The Best Way to Get it Done is With This Free & Easy Method!

Since cavemen banged two sticks together and called it music (just a guess), there have been an unlimited number of ways to promote the music of a solo artist or band. Some are very creative and effective, while others are…lets say, a little less effective (cavemen were terrible promoters).

Get Signed to a Record Label

Ever wondered how to get signed to a record label? This article offers ten best practices to help you perfect your approach.

The Hottest Music Producing Machine to Hit the Internet

Make your own music instrumental productions and beats with the most flexible, easy to use tool available. Sonic Producer contains all that you need to create your own music without being a musician. Download your creations to your MP3 player and share them with your friends.

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