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Build a Home Recording Studio – Record Your Own Music Then Record For Other Musicians Too

Renting recording time in a professional recording studio is usually too expensive for the average musician to consider. This problem has been the nemesis of amateur musicians for years. Fortunately, other options are now available. Building a recording studio and recording your own music is now possible and affordable.

Get Signed by a Record Label – Do You Need a Recording Contract to Become Popular and Get Noticed?

If you want to get signed by a record label, chances are you have been focusing all of your efforts on sending out demos and playing gigs where you know scouts will be there. If you’ve done this for any length of time, you know that this route can quickly lead to burnout and disappointment.

Need a Gig? How to Create Venues For Your Music

Trying to find gigs is a hard process. Live music has all but vanished. “Think Outside the Stage” with these helpful tips to find your next gig!

How to Manage a Music Street Team

A well managed street team can help you market and promote your music for free. A street team can help give you more free time to focus on your music, because instead of marketing and promoting your own music, your team can do that work for you. This article will show you how to manage a street team.

Indie Music Promotion

When you are trying to make it in music on your own, indie music promotion is your best source. Save your money and get your music heard with free services.

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