?Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Aerosmith, U2, Nirvana ? Now That What I Call Powers Ballads

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How Hip-Hop Drum Beats Started

Since the 1970s, hip-hop drum beats have been on the radio airwaves. Originating from South Bronx, New York, it was a form of expression that originated in African-American communities. Originally, the music included sampling, disc jockeying, rapping, scratching and beat boxing.

Evolution of the Home Recording Studio

Home Studio Recording is a fun, exciting, and relaxing hobby. More and more people are getting into home music recording. Some are professional musicians trying to save money. Others are just making their first steps into recording and songwriting. Many are just looking to have some fun. You can get started with this fascinating and rewarding hobby for next to nothing.

The Best Rap Beats Are Now Found Online

People will search everywhere for good music. I remember just 10 years ago when I would go to a record store a few hours early just because I knew that the album I wanted would sell out! It was like that for many years.

Sell More Independent Music Using My 2 Risk Reversal Methods

In this article I want to show you how you can increase your record sales by making an offer that your fans will fall in love with, and that will not make you seem like a spammy little biatch! First we need to discuss how we are going to take payment from our fans in the first place. I would recommend that DIY musicians only ever sell digital downloads and “print on demand merch” because the profit margin is so high.

Email Template To Help Sell MP3s Online Without Being Pushy!

Selling your music can be weird, it’s like we all know that we want to do it but we are supposed to keep it a secret and never mention it. So I’m going to set you free… It’s perfectly fine to sell your music, it’s OK, it does not make you a “sell out” and your fans are not going to hate you. In fact you need to drop a link to your sales page once in a while so that your fans expect to buy stuff from you. Otherwise they might think your some kind of weird musical charity! The key is to add so much value in your free content that your fans don’t think it’s weird or eggy when you drop a link to the album. The idea you are trying to create is “If the free stuff is that good then the album must be amazing!” The email template below is an example of the kind of email you could send to make your fans aware of your album without sounding like a total car sales man.

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