? Scorpions, U2, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Nirvana ? Greatest Slow Rock Ballads 80s, 90s

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Learn To Sing Metal – Including the Famous Metal Scream

If you love metal music and are also learning how to sing, then your next step should be to learn how to sing metal. It may not be everyone’s favorite style of music but it allows you to experiment with different kinds of singing voices, including high pitched singing, low tones and also the famous death metal scream. Learning how to sing metal is challenging because of the force involved.

How To Get Into The Music Industry – A Hot Tip To Get You Noticed

If you’re a musician or band and want to get into the music industry and are looking for advice to help you get noticed, read on and I’ll give you a tip that may well help your ambitions. Most people I speak to that want to break into the music industry seem to think that there are only two ways that they are going to get signed and make it big:

Is It Smart to Do Promotion For a Band on MySpace?

Lots of bands have had great success promoting their music on social networking websites. As MySpace is one of the most popular such services, musicians often favor it over others. However, the site’s users are typically inundated with spam with so many other artists vying for attention. Despite the resulting chaos, it is still very useful to promote your band on the first major social network originally made famous by Tom.

How to Become a DJ – How to Get Started DJing

DJing is an art as well as a science. It requires a lot of talent, passion and hard work to become a successful DJ. But without knowing exactly how to become a DJ, any and all your talent or skill will be wasted.

How To Get My Music Heard? Every Musician Should Know This 2 Step Shortcut

How to get my music heard? This is usually the number one query that most of the musicians that I deal with have. I normally surprise them with the answer.

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