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The Best DJ Equipment

When a new DJ is first starting out in the industry, they are going to need to stock up on a lot of equipment that is necessary for success in the business. While someone starting out may not want to spend a fortune on their equipment, they should get something high quality that will get the job done right.

Tips For Making Rap Beats

With the success of rappers and producers like Jay Z and Kanye West, it is easy to see why any young hip hop fan would want to learn how to make rap beats. It may seem like a very simple thing to do, but there is definitely some technique that goes into making great beats. With some practice and hard work, any aspiring producer can create beats that rappers will be fighting over.

Networking For Your Band on Tour: WiMax and Schmoozing

For those who are musicians or in bands, the world of networking is more crucial than ever. Whether on the DIY level of booking shows and handling correspondence with fans or on the higher-up level of trying to keep a label happy while maintaining that there is ample support for one’s endeavors, a lot of work goes into making music a career. And for those who are serious about networking, the best thing to do is stay in touch while already in the stages of planning and then going on a tour.

Learn How to Produce Hip Hop Beats Fast

Make no mistake about this: I can show you how to produce hip hop beats that get you noticed. There is a huge difference between just a tight beat and a hot rap beat that will get airplay!

The Best Places To Buy DJ Gear

Just because you want to buy DJ gear does not always mean that you have a great deal of money or time to shop around. There are many places that this equipment can be found and they are easy to locate.

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