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NWZ-S540 Sony Walkman Video Mp3 Players

It is the new innovative gadget which includes a larger screen and battery life that stands up to 42 hours. It also shows a stand and a simpler drag-and-drop content transfer interface. It has a promising superior audio and visual entertainment in a fuller expansion with enhanced Sony audio technologies and features. The NWZ-S540 series integrates the Digital Linear Phase Speaker System with a slim and lean and compact frame structure.

Licensing Music – A Must For Every Upcoming Artist

In the entertainment industry, music plays a very important role. Background music in movies not only brings out emotions in the audience but also adds to the emotional quotient of movies. This is one of the reasons why the demand for talented musicians and song-writers in the music industry is never at bay.

What Kind of Musical Legacy Will You Leave Behind? 3 Lessons From 2Pac Shakur

Tupac Amaru Shakur (2Pac) left the world a body of work that is unmatched today. In this article we discuss his legacy, the effect he still has on the world today, and how you can leave a legacy of your own.

What Are The Secrets of the Audio Mastering Mystics?

Have you ever wondered what “mastering” is? You’re not alone. The true masters at mastering (see what I did there?…OK, moving on:)) guard their mastering tips and techniques like gold. And there might be a pretty good reason.

Rock and Roll on the Pedal Steel

Have you ever been addicted to rock music? Have you ever fantasized becoming a rock star? I am a self-confessed addict and a rock star wannabe. But being a rock star is a tough job. You need to make the most music of your pedal steel guitar and entertain rock fanatics when you perform in a concert. Performers in the rock genre have gained popularity since the mid-80s. These performers established an intense impact to their fans. Anyway, being a rock star is one of the most lucrative professions of all time.

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