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Guides for Promoting Your Mix CD

If you want to get more notice of the public, you should learn to promote your music in a creative way. This article will share with you some guides to promote your songs on a mix CD.

5 Ways Bands Can Benefit With Foursquare

Does your band have Foursquare yet? If not, it should. Foursquare gives bands another opportunity to not only talk to their fans but to let them know of shows directly to their cell phones. You can also offer Foursquare-only discounts on merchandise.

How to Prepare for a Recording Session – Everything You Need to Know to Save Money

This article is designed to help bands preparing for their first recording session. It will help them to avoid the myriad of pitfalls that many bands fall victim to on their first visit. Not only should this article help them save time and money but also to achieve much better results

Cat Stevens – Where Did He Go?

If you were born before the sixties you may have wondered what became of then popular singer-songwriter Cat Stevens. What happened to his music career and where is he today?

Music Industry Jobs – What’s Out There?

Many believe the music industry is limited to playing instruments or singing. However, this couldn’t be more untrue. Many people make livings by doing other very important jobs related to marketing the artists.

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