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Get Noticed by a Record Label Using Email

If you want to get noticed by a record label you are going to have to do more than have good music. You have to be able to make them money.

The Role of Music Publishers in the Music Licensing Business

If there’s one question I get asked perhaps more than any other question, it’s regarding what exactly a music publisher does. Technically, the moment you write a song you are the song’s publisher, unless you assign the right to market your song to someone else.

Indie Music & Promotion

Are you struggling to gain fans? Read how to achieve success.

How the Internet Has Changed the Music Industry

The evolution that has taken place in the music industry over the last 15 years is quite staggering. The entrance of the internet onto the world stage has revolutionised the way music is bought, marketed and shared. It’s not only the depth of the changes that are occurring, but also the increasing rate at which these changes are taking place. New technologies and processes are becoming outdated almost as soon as they are first officially adopted. Here are three ways that the internet has changed the music industry.

Music Industry Jobs And Working Conditions

When you first start out in the music industry, especially as a performer, there is a certain level of romance about playing in a smoky club and using a dingy storage closet at your changing room. You think that you are paying your dues and will eventually make it big and can then look back on these simpler times with nostalgia.

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