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Starting A Record Label, The Basics

Starting a record label is an exciting project for music lovers. You should not however underestimate the work required to promote and exploit a band or musicians musical output. In addition to the hard work running a record label you will need a good online mastering studio to ensure your music sounds as good as possible. Running a label can be a very challenging and rewarding experience.

Salt N Pepa – Trendsetters and Hip Hop Legends

Trendsetter Champions come to mind when we think of the infamous dynamic-duo, first-class entertainers “SALT N PEPA.” Cheryl (Salt) James, a Brooklyn Native and Sandi (Pepa) Denton from Queens by way of Kingston Jamaica, are the world’s first female Hip Hop Legends. The year was 1986 before Rap became a genre and while the game was still all male, the group we know today as Salt N Pepa changed their name from Super Nature and signed with independent Next Plateau Records.

Loudspeakers – An Article About The Suitability Of Speakers For Audio Mastering

Speakers come in all shapes and sizes, for the job of a mastering engineer many will be rejected and only a few models will be chosen that are up to the demanding task of mastering music. This articles discusses the parameters an engineer will be considering when choosing a set of mastering speakers. Taste does come into it but there are some factors which are rock solid and if a speaker does not meet these criteria, then it should not be seen in a truly professional mastering studio.

Bass Guitar Tuning – A ‘Note’ On Bass Guitar Machine Heads

Inexperienced musicians often settle for inferior quality machine heads on their bass guitars as they do not realize the difference that good quality machine heads can make on bass guitar tuning…and ultimately on the sound of the band as a whole. As a matter of fact, getting high quality tuning machines for your bass guitar is even more imperative than getting them for treble clef stringed instruments.

Drum and Bass Record Labels

This article offers a look at three of the biggest and most influential record labels in the history of drum and bass music. The labels included are Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware and Moving Shadow – all of which had their own impact on the development of the genre.

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