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Britney Spears – Hollywood Filth or Product of the Music Industry?

We’ve all been seeing a lot of Britney lately. In the media, in the news, in the courtrooms, and in the dumpster. Is she really the filthy Hollywood girl that the media makes her out to be? Yes and no.

Turn Your Computer Into a Recording Studio For a Home Made Music Demo

It is amazing what we can do with a computer nowadays, gone are the days when you were doing your home recording on a 4 track machine. Don’t get me wrong you can produce a nice sounding demo on a 4 tracks machine, but now with the software sequencer selling like hot cakes and very powerful and versatile you can achieve a quality home demo.

Promoting Your Music Online

Promoting your music online has never been as easy as it is now. In 2008. And for fans and bands alike, this is incredibly exciting. There are two main reasons why it used to be hard to promote your music. And two big reasons why it is easier now than ever before.

Major Record Label Fever – Run For Your Life

The major record labels no longer dictate the terms for new recording artists. Many artists have discovered the value of remaining independent. In short, there’s a new sheriff in town. Finally, artists can be heard without signing their lives away to a major record label.

Colbie Caillat – The Fresh Face of a New Music Industry

Colbie Caillat is one of the first artists to truly “break out” via the new Internet phenomena called “social networking sites.” Her infectious song, “Bubbly,” attracted hundreds of thousands of MySpace listeners and she spent four months in 2007 as the online community’s most-played unsigned artist.

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