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Recording Equipment – How and What to Start With

The phrase, never make a hasty decision is always true and should always be remembered especially when purchasing something of value. Looking for the right recording equipment gets a number of searches on the web every single day. Why are people searching on how to choose the right recording equipment?

Marketing For Musicians – Fall in Love With Marketing by Embracing Your Songwriting Skills

Marketing is a scary concept for many aspiring musicians. It seems almost cheap to ‘market’ your emotions, and attempting to do so may feel like an insult to your music, which should speak for itself, right? Wrong. Marketing is an essential part of your successful music business. But don’t worry because now, you can adopt an easy marketing model that taps into your creative talents (instead of cheapening them) while at the same time strengthening your songwriting skills! The purpose of this article is to expose you to this marketing model, allowing you to begin to understand why some musicians LOVE to market their music!

Justin Bieber Cardboard Cutout

Justin Bieber Cardboard Cutouts are everywhere these days. Find out how this boy found on YouTube went from an average kid to a superstar having thousands of cardboard cutouts made of him.

Time, and How to Take Control of It – Pt III

This is now the 3rd part of a multi part series on time management. If you have not read the first two articles I would strongly suggest reading both of them before reading this article. The time management series was originally written for musicians but as I present these ideas to business people I realized that my article can help everyone. It all comes down to prioritizing and staying focused. The last article I showed you how to decide what is important and what was a distraction by creating 4 boxes. I call these boxes Task Boxes and they look like this.

Artist Branding in the Music Business

Music branding has become more and more popular as a topic amongst not only the hierarchy of the music industry but the average artist and independent companies. Artists are slowly beginning to realise the power of their own name and how they can generate not only another revenue stream, but an even more significant financial return that dwarfs the return from their music career.

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